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Foreseen -·seen′, foreseeing -·see′·ing. to see beforehand; know beforehand; foreknow

When chasing a serial killer you may need more then a good Cop, you need a Foreseer.
Synopsis: A Serial Killer strikes and has a small child with him during the murders; He is finally brought to justice and is killed. The child disappears only to return Fifteen years later, Copying the murders exactly as they happen before. Detectives Samuel Boyer and Luke Bryant are unable to solve the case as the body counts stack up. The Mayor and the police Chief feeling the pressure from the public, Decide to bring in a Psychic Foreseer; she can actually see the murders before they happen. She says everyone has this gift but does not realize it (When you watch a movie and know the end half way through) so let’s see if you can help her catch the serial killer.


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